Friday, October 1, 2010

VARIOUS - Suburbia Unmixed 13 (SAIFAM Italy) unmixed 2xCD

VARIOUS - Suburbia Unmixed 13 (SAIFAM Italy) unmixed 2xCD

Title: Suburbia Unmixed 13
Label: SAIFAM Italy
Format: unmixed 2xCD

Track listing:
- Spaceship (feat Kelis, APL.DE.AP & Jean Baptiste - extended mix)
- I Got My Eye On You (feat Luciana - Cristian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Perfect mix)
- Phazing (feat Rudy - original mix)
- Bingo (feat Elodie - original mix)
- Together & Forever (Antoine Clamaran remix)
- I Like To Move It (feat The Mad Stuntman - Klaas remix)
- Music (feat Mr Gee - extended)
- Si Te Vas/Que Tengo Que Hacer (original mix)
- Fiesta Reggaeton (feat Ruly MC - DJ Sanny J Trumpet remix)
- 2gether (original club mix)
- Sax Enjoyment (original mix)
- New Sensation (Samuele Sartini mix)
- My Feeling For You (original mix)
- Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B remix)
- The Rhythm Of The Night (Simon Sweat mix)
- Smile (extended mix)
- Frozen Teardrops (feat Lauren Rose - Da Brozz remix)
- Touch My Body (Jessie original mix)
- Vecchio Frack (Joe T Vannelli edit)
- Minnie The Moocher (original)
- Torero (Niko Favata & Mirko Paoloni remix)
- Sexy Lover (extended mix)
- Now That You're Gone (feat Corey Andrew - Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest remix)
- Kickstars (extended mix)

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