Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DR LEKTROLUV / VARIOUS - Live At Lowlands (Lektro Luv Belgium) mixed CD

DR LEKTROLUV/VARIOUS - Live At Lowlands (Lektro Luv Belgium) mixed CD

Title: Live At Lowlands
Label: Lektro Luv Belgium
Format: mixed CD
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Track listing:
- Lowlands (intro)
- Binary
- Vomit In Style
- Singapore Swing (feat Paul Chambers)
- Paradise Poltergeist (feat Steve Aoki)
- Cameltoe
- Ancova
- Welcome (feat The Bloody Beetroots)
- Dansa Med Vapen (The Subs remix)
- Guiro
- Devil's Marbles (dub mix)
- Brap
- Destroy It
- Strange (Polymorphic remix)
- Lemonade
- Helium
- How To Fake Your Own Life (Etienne De Crecy remix)
- Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher remix)
- High Together (bonus track)

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